ETH2.0 Staking Service with Blockchain Data Center

Neukind ETH2 staking service

ETH2.0 staking is started from December 1st.

Neukind provides ETH2.0 validator nodes with Zofuku Data Center and you can easily run your node on our service.

Why is it your best choice?

If you want to start ETH2.0 staking, there are 2 way.

  1. Running ETH node by yourself.
  2. Using third party staking pool.

If you are a blockchain engineer, it is easy to run your own node and manage it. But it is too cost to buy computing machine and set up your ETH node.

That is why a lot of ETH holders generally use third party staking service. You don’t need to manage your node by yourself. Neukind ETH2.0 staking service provides validator node with only $39 per month.

Please check Node-as-a-Service document how to deploy ETH or Polkadot node.

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