Zofuku will start real estate agent service in Japan soon. Our official website is published, please check it out.


  1. You no need to visit to Japan only for buying contracts about your real estate.
  2. You can get a Non-fungible token(NFT) which is proved the real estate ownership
  3. You can use cryptocurrency like BTC

Please contact us if you have any questions.

We set up a validator node for Relay Chain on Polkadot using NaaS(Node as a Service) by Neukind. 🎉

Polkadot validator waiting list is here: https://polkadot.js.org/apps/#/staking/waiting

Please search by “ZOFUKU JAPAN”.
If you have any questions, please contact us: 📩 hello@zofuku.com

Neukind Inc. in Japan is specialist of PoS blockchain node services that is why they are reliable. Also they have been developing a hardware device “NeuNode” for staking PoS blockchain crypto and providing Node as a Service® ︎that anyone can use full nodes like ETH2 at only $39 per month without maintain by yourself. …

Zofuku Inc., which operates a decentralized blockchain data center, responds to the request “Proof of Concept at low cost” when developing services and launching new businesses using blockchain, and develops decentralized applications. We will start offering the starter plan.

What you can do with the starter plan

  • Writing your data to the public blockchain chain
  • Save your data to distributed storage (IPFS)
  • Full node set up and operation
  • App UI development

Three benefits

1. Probable at low cost

By using the blockchain nodes of Zofuku data center, you can cut 30–90% of cost down.

Blockchain application development service

Zofuku which operates a blockchain data center, will start a blockchain application development and operation support service based on the resources of the blockchain node operation and management business. We aim to realize an independent and decentralized society by providing decentralized application development and blockchain node operation support services by blockchain engineers to companies working on new business development and digital transformation (DX) in Japan.

Japanese Press Release is here.


  1. Even companies with insufficient blockchain human resources can develop blockchain applications.
  2. The operation of blockchain nodes, which is a burden for development companies, can be outsourced.
  3. Long-term operating costs can…

Neukind ETH2 staking service

ETH2.0 staking is started from December 1st.

Neukind provides ETH2.0 validator nodes with Zofuku Data Center and you can easily run your node on our service.

Why is it your best choice?

If you want to start ETH2.0 staking, there are 2 way.

  1. Running ETH node by yourself.
  2. Using third party staking pool.

If you are a blockchain engineer, it is easy to run your own node and manage it. But it is too cost to buy computing machine and set up your ETH node.

That is why a lot of ETH holders generally use third party staking service. You don’t need to manage your node…


We release the platform for distributed blockchain data center. You can buy a data center ownership and blockchain node ownership.

If you want to join our distributed blockchain data center project in Japan, please apply to buy it. If you become an owner of the data center, it is excited to experience a part of decentralized society and you can always check how much get income from your node device with our application dashboard.

You can buy it from $1,000 per node.

Space Income is a platform for blockchain data center.

Blockchain DC is attracting attention to the crypto players. Huobi and W3B CLOUD will be built it.

Zofuku is the pioneer of selling blockchain DC in Japan.
You can buy a blockchain node device 99,000 jpy (tax included) and also can pay with BTC or ETH or USDT.

In data centers, giant companies like GAFA generally build it with huge amounts of money to provide collocation and hosting services. It is a service that is cheaper and less expensive than on-premises operation. Usually, you sign a monthly fee of $200~. Also…

Zofuku, Inc. starts to pre-sale distributed data center that provide Ethereum blockchain full nodes “NeuNode” that is developed by Neukind, Inc. “NeuNode” support Ethereum 2.0 blockchian full node.

Zofuku starts to sell an ownership of distributed data center with “NeuNode”. you can apply to buy the ownership and get passive income.

Why buy a distributed data center?

Our business model is very simple. If you become an owner of a data center, you can get incomes when third parties use blockchain nodes at your data center. you don’t need to prepare anything. Zofuku install your blockchain nodes at a data center place and manage the data…

Zofuku 🐘 ゾウフク

Blockchain full-node data center in Japan. we help to run decentralized blockchain nodes about any crypto and token projects. ETH2 | Polkadot | Cosmos | JPYX

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